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The Optimal Post-Curing Solution for SLA 3D Printed Parts

with the VelaCure 3D™ UV Curing Chamber

SLA 3D printed parts need to be post cured after printing to complete the polymerization reaction of the resin. Post-curing with an UV curing chamber will make your resin 3D prints strong, stable, and long-lasting.

Advantages of quickly and completely cure your SLA 3D printed resin projects in UV chamber

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What the UV VelaCure 3D™ Technology does

Part of the post-processing of resin SLA 3D printing involves curing the parts under UV light. The unique chamber reflects UV light from any light source in all directions and this creates a homogeneous irradiation of complex as well as simple parts.

3D UV curing Vela MiniCure 3D chamber_3D photo-induction chamber_UV cure_UV light source_Vela Technologies

1. Any light source

Works with any UltraViolet (UV) and UV LED light source who enters the VelaCure 3D curing chamber.

3D UV curing Vela MiniCure 3D chamber_3D photo-induction chamber_UV cure_Vela Technologies_UV light source

2. 3D exposure geometry in the chamber

All UV rays come from diffuse reflections off the chamber walls and all part surfaces are treated and cured simultaneously.

3D UV curing Vela MiniCure 3D chamber_3D photo-induction chamber_Vela Technologies_UV cure_UV light source

3. Even uniformity with 3D curing

The 3D curing technology is energy efficient and cost-effective. It provides a higher level of process safety and end-product quality.

The unique VelaCure 3D™ Technology is Suitable for Post-Curing SLA 3D Prints

No need for mechanical rotation or additional exposures from different sides.

100% Operator safety during expose since the Vela chamber contains the UV light inside the chamber.

Cures complex shapes with difficult-to-reach areas and several parts can be cured in one batch.

Less heat on product, so your heat sensitive parts remain cool and safe during cure.

UV light is scattered on all walls and only absorbed on your product surface.

Increases production yield since you can run multiple devices in one run – high capacity and more uptime.

Ultimate process stability in your production with continuous Dose Control.

Increases the product quality, provides lower surface tension and removes the risk of errors.

Cures any known UV curable adhesive and coating for 3D printing.

UV chamber provides a consistent cure and a finished coating with better properties.

30 years of experience is your benefit

EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY are your specialist in radiation technology in the fields of Ultraviolet (UV) curing using UV light and Electron Beam (EB) curing using accelerated electrons.

We represent Vela Technologies in Europe. We have demo equipment available for test at EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY (Copenhagen, Denmark) or on site. It is easy to scale up from R&D to production with our Vela solutions.

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