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In the evolving landscape of the UV industry, EFSEN has been determined in our commitment to delivering safer, better and more sustainable end-user solutions. Over the past decades, we have dedicated ourselves to influencing the industry’s path towards a more sustainable future, leveraging innovation as our driving force.

Navigating this path has been anything but simple, yet we firmly believe that collective responsibility and boundary-pushing innovation are essential to effecting meaningful change. As we embark on this ESG journey, we are acutely aware of the challenges posed by global crises such as the energy shortage, economic downturn, and armed conflict between societies.

Yet through the utilization of UV technology, we empower our customers to not only achieve operational excellence but also to embrace environmentally conscious practices. From substantial energy conservation facilitated by UV-LEDs to optimized operational uptime and minimized waste, our solutions represent the intersection of innovation and sustainability.

As an example, the FREDA line of 2022 had a saving of 409.189 kWh per UV line, per year. This calculates to 0,132 x 409.189 / 1000 = 54 tons CO2 saved emissions per line, per year.* This alone is more than 130% of our total scopes 1, 2 and 3 emission.

As we navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape, we remain persistent in our commitment to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement. Together, we have the opportunity to redefine the future of the UV industry and pave the way for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Thomas Efsen

Managing Director

Our first ESG report

Our first ESG report is available upon request. The report, covering the period from January 1st, 2023, to December 31st, 2023, serves as a foundational document, summarizing our environmental impact, social initiatives, and corporate governance practices and is merely an abstract of the situation at the current time and further details in areas of interests can be requested. Send an email to for our report.