Process & Development consultancy

With a UV formulation specialist in the EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY team, we offer a number of services for optimizing processes and formulations.

Line design and process optimization

Our process optimization service is relevant for you who are looking to expand into new production lines or upgrade existing UV curing processes. At EFSEN we have a long history in the wood working business, so wood coating lines is our major area of expertise. With our solution-oriented approach, we have developed a high level of experience for integration of UV solutions for wide variety applications not being able to provide a high degree of customization, for maximized performance and long-lasting solutions. With understanding of both chemistry and equipment, it is possible for us to get a deeper understanding of your process needs.

Improvement of current process

At Junkers, the upgrade to EFSEN WoodCure systems cut the energy consumption in half, while also improving the quality of the final product. Read more about this improvement.

Implementation of a new LED line

At Freda, EFSENs line concept and state of the art W-LED curing solution ensured a top modern production at high speeds, with a significantly reduced energy consumption and continuous monitoring of UV output during production. Watch this video to learn more.

Explore the advantages of different curing solutions

EFSEN offers trials with a wide range of equipment, from 3D curing with Vela Chamber to full width W-LED trials, configured with the combination of wavelengths required. Learn more about the wavelengths of light and 3D curing with the Vela chamber.

Development support

Our development support focuses on the chemistry, making it relevant for you who are looking to give your research a boost, in order to improve the performance and or price of your product. EFSEN will then act like an external R&D department, providing expert advice, laboratory assistance and application know-how in order to help optimize your UV formulations. Our main strength when it comes to formulation expertise is in the field of UV-LED curing wood coatings, but our extensive knowledge of UV curing equipment and raw materials means that we can provide valuable support for all things UV, from automotive to graphic arts.

Price performance optimization of LED coatings

EFSENs formulation strategies reducing the price of an LED coating with 25%, with maintained reactivity and performance.

Development of LED curable automotive spray coatings

Drastic improvement of cure speed achieved when using EFSENs LED spray formulation, designed specifically for the requirements of the process.

Formulation, trial and equipment support for LED curable grafting on 3D parts

Improvement of process efficiency by formulation adjustment and establishing cure specifications.

Cooperation procedure

Contact us to discuss the production line, process or formulation that you are working with. After assessing the concept, we will return to you with a proposal of the next steps. For a production line, a factory visit is a good next step, to understand the starting point and aim of the project, and to see the process flow and final product. For a process or formulation, we usual suggest a lab trial, for us to understand the requirements and objectives of the process and the chemistry.

After getting a better picture of the starting point and of the target a more detailed path of how to move forward will be proposed. Integrity is important to us, thus we set up non-disclosure agreements early on in the process, to ensure we can work together freely and under documented confidence.

Start optimizing processes and formulations today

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