OmniCure® AC5 Series (the AC550, AC550P, AC575 and AC575P)

High Power, Small Area UV LED Curing Systems for Adhesives, Coatings and Inks

The OmniCure AC5 Series, the AC550, AC550P, AC575 and AC575P air-cooled UV LED curing systems are designed with advanced front-end optics to provide high power, high peak irradiance and exceptional uniformity at different working distances. The systems deliver 14W/cm2 peak irradiance for fast, even curing at long working distances. P versions of the AC5 Series have enhanced optics to optimize the dose for short working distances along with a removable window for easy cleaning to support print applications.

Utilizing our patented process for individually addressing each UV LED module output, the OmniCure AC5 Series offers exceptional uniformity over the entire curing area for consistent results. A uniform exposure area allows for curing of larger and/or multiple parts simultaneously. It also offers the ability to convert a static curing process to one where parts are being cured while in motion in order to increase throughput.

Benefits of the AC5 Series