UV Bulbs and Cassettes

Quality standard supplied by EFSEN

When using the UV lamps from EFSEN, you get the highest quality of lamps and thus the lowest operating costs. Our goal is to be the best supplier of UV lamps on the market to our customers by offering optimal quality, carrying a large stock of standard lamps and by being at the forefront of UV technology.

EFSEN supplies quality standard UV lamps for systems such as Superfici, Cefla, Nilpeter, IST, Giardina, Hackemack, Eltosch and many others.

UV lampe_EFSEN

EFSEN cassettes fit UV ovens from Hymmen/Hackemack

The cassettes can be replaced without any further technical assistance from specialists. The design of the reflector and cassette enables higher intensity of the lamps and results in better curing using less energy. For maintenance the cassette can be pulled all the way out of the oven enabling easy bulb and reflector replacement.

The EFSEN cassettes for Hymmen/ Hackemack are an economical solution and they are an excellent solution when you want to improve the cure of the UV lacquer, decrease heat, improve production speed and save energy cost.

How to order the quality standard UV bulbs

Please contact Pernille Rasmussen to have your UV lamp identified and to receive a quotation for an EFSEN UV lamp.To identify your lamp, you can also help by filling out as much as possible on our UV Lamp Specification Sheet. We guarantee to be delivered the right lamp as quickly as possible.