Omnia Series Ebeam Systems

The Omnia series ebeam systems were designed to fit a wide range of curing, laminating, and crosslinking applications. Interested in the sustainability and flexibility of using ebeam-cured inks or coatings? What about in-line curing of a laminate? Coil coating? There is an Omnia system ready to work for you. And, no matter the job, our patented, integrated shield roll design allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a chill roll without sacrificing ease of use. Innovative design and reliable operation, Omnia delivers both.

Ebeam processes take place in an instant –that’s instant cure of inks, OPVs, and laminating adhesives and instant crosslinking of films and pressure-sensitive adhesives. Additionally, there’s no need for initiators or solvents. What more could you ask for? How about no problems curing highly pigmented inks or laminating opaque films using less energy than your typical UV set-up? Yeah, ebeam can do that, too.

Benefits of Omnia Series