The LightHammer 6 Mark II UV system from Noblelight brings all the benefits of microwave-powered UV curing to a six-inch (150 mm) system with exciting new features to enhance your productivity.

Operating in the power class of 500 watts/inch (200 watts/cm), the Light Hammer 6 MARK II features two easy-to-service modular components: the microwave-powered irradiator and the solid-state power supply. At the heart of the microwave technology is the electrodeless bulb mounted in an elliptical reflector for focusing an intense strip of UV energy 53 mm (2.1 inches) below the face of the lamp.

These long-life bulbs are known for their stable performance, high intensity and low maintenance operation.

Continual innovation and improvement

The ultimate benefit of the LightHammer 6 MARK II is the achievement of higher degrees of conversion than is typically achieved with high ripple (AC) powered UV sources. (Patented)