Compact Sensor® & DIN Rail UV Intensity Monitor®

Advanced UV Monitoring Systems

To get good curing results consistently, it is important to know when to perform UV system maintenance. Maintaining the cleanliness of the reflector is important to operate your UV system effectively and efficiently. An intensity monitor with a specific sensor will detect the output of a UV lamp continuously.

The DIN Rail UV Intensity Monitor®

When used in conjunction with EIT Compact Sensors, forms an electro-optical system designed to track a single UV lamp. The system consists of a signal conditioning module and a sensor. The module snaps into a DIN type rail, which, in turn, can be mounted on the UV system. Because of the module’s size, many of them can be installed in a small area.

The Compact Sensor®

Is a breakthrough in UV sensor technology. It is extremely resistant to UV solarization in even the most intense UV fields. Solarization – the degradation of optical components caused by intense UV light – is virtually eliminated in the new design. Innovative design and improved materials in the sensor make it possible to monitor an intense UV source for thousands of hours without perceptible solarization.