uv-led curing systems

The UV-LED technology is a robust and, above all, efficient technology of the future to cure inks, coatings, silicones and adhesives with UV light, which offer great potential for the printing and coating industry. UV-LEDs can be switched on and off instantly in line with operation cycles, so energy is consumed only when necessary.

This makes the advantage of the LED technology clear: the service life of the LEDs is equal to the actual usage time. This makes UV-LED light sources substantially more efficient and economical in cycled operation.

EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY distributes our own developed W-LED and P-LED and air-cooled UV-LED systems from Excelitas Technologies.

The advantages of UV-LED curing

ICAD® Technology

Inline Continuous Automated Dynamic UV Monitoring.

Our ICAD® technology is one of the most important developments for the UV industry. ICAD® is unique. Our proprietary technology is the first ever technology that enables measuring and control of the actual UV output that reaches the product – ICAD® even does this during production. Continuous monitoring during production increases quality, uptime and reduces the risk of producing waste, all while saving energy and eliminating ozone and mercury. 

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w-led with ICAD® inside

The UV LED curing system for the wood industry.

We have developed the W-LED with ICAD® Technology inside – The solution for optimal quality in your UV LED production. The W-LED is a unit that emits UV LED light over a width. You get the benefits of ‘all in one unit’ with everything included. The W-LED from EFSEN, brings user-friendliness and performance of wood curing to a new level.

P-LED with ICAD® inside

The only inline control of UV output for printing and converting.

We have developed P-LED with ICAD® inside – Your solution for ultimate process stability for the printing and converting industry. The P-LED is a UV LED curing unit that emits UV LED light over a width. You get the benefits of one unit with extremely high self-control for optimal UV production.


AC Series - LED UV curing systems

The OmniCure® AC Series of LED UV curing systems from Excelitas utilize a proprietary module calibration process to offer unprecedented uniformity across multiple dimensions, achieving consistent and reliable UV curing results for a variety of adhesives, coating and inks.