Core 100 Ebeam System

Protect your printed packaging and improve your company’s sustainability practices with ebeam-cured overprint varnishes (OPVs). Ebeam OPVs provide an instant-curing, solvent-free alternative to lamination while maintaining excellent heat, scratch, and solvent resistance. Additionally, these ultra-low migration OPVs are free of initiators, making them the ideal solution for food packaging applications.

The Core 100 was designed to accommodate virtually any flexible packaging handled by the HP Indigo 20000 press, and, with a top speed of up to 600 fpm, it can keep up with multiple presses. With a variety of OPV finishes available, you can choose the best effect to make your packaging stand out on any shelf. Best of all, ebeam’s instant-curing process means you can turn around orders in well… an instant!

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