Vela 3D Catheter Chamber

High Power 3D Curing for 6UP Catheters at once

The Vela Catheter Curing System is a convenient, high-performance UV curing station, perfect for laboratory use in developing new catheter designs and new coating systems. Until now, curing multiple long cylindrical catheters uniformly has been challenging, usually requiring multiple short lifetime lamps and mechanically rotating the catheters. Vela Technologies’ patented technology bathes your catheters in a uniform surround of multi-directional UV, uniformly curing without rotating catheters or using multiple lamps.

The VelaCure Lab Catheter System is able to simultaneously cure 6 catheters or guidewires up to 500mm in length. These chambers uniformly cure all catheter surfaces with high uniformity, without any need to move the catheters. They are successfully in use for both PTA and urinary catheters. Cure times are short, typically less than 30 seconds. These 6UP chambers are perfect for developing and qualifying new products, and some are in use in actual manufacturing lines. The ControlCure controllers allow precise control over exposure times or UV dose (J/cm2) received by the products.

Light input from a single UV irradiator or LED source is evenly dispersed within the chamber, resulting in an extremely uniform light field. No hot spots from direct illumination and no sticky, partially cured spots. This overcomes the limitations of conventional “line of sight” UV curing.

The chamber fits a Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV system like F300 or LH6 perfectly and cures up to 6 catheters at a time with a length up to 500mm.

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