We enable Safe and High-Quality UV LED production at InPrint, Milan

The only self-monitoring UV LED system to be shown at InPrint, Milan on 20-22 November 2018.

P-LED with ICAD® will be demonstrated on the booth 138 of Excelitas Technologies, where personnel from EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY will be available to demonstrate the benefits of ICAD™ technology for your production.

ICAD® technology is the only full width inline monitoring system that actually measures the UV exposure that targets the product to be cured. ICAD® does this Inline, Automated and Continuously during production, hence you will have total control of your UV process at any time. This reduces the risk of uncured material and hence your production yield will increase with ICAD®.

We look forward to discussion your production and the benefits you will gain with P-LED and ICAD® Technology.

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