EFSEN speaks at RadTech Europe 2019 Conference & Exhibition

The RadTech Europe Conference and Exhibition is Europe’s premier meeting place for the major users of radiation curing materials, equipment and products and gives an updated view on current developments and innovations in the field of radiation curing. 
EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY will be a part of RadTech Europe 2019. The Conference & Exhibition will take place in Westin Grand Munich hotel in Munich, Germany from the 15-16th October 2019.

Where to meet us

Tuesday, 15 October // 16-16.30 // Conference Room 1

How to establish, maintain and automatically control the process window in UV LED curing processes
The LED technology introduces some significant benefits in terms of energy savings, lifetime and offers curing without ozone generation and without the use of mercury. The technology also presents a number of challenges. Not only do the light source need to be properly cleaned and maintained as with conventional UV, each segment must be continuously monitored to ensure consistency along the width. Furthermore, the spectral output has to match the formulation, to reach a curing that fulfils the demands of the process. When this is achieved, when light source and coating are both within the process window, then we have a successful LED curing application. This paper aims to explore how this process window can be established, maintained and automatically controlled.
To optimize this balance between light and chemistry, to improve applications and processes, that is one of my main tasks at EFSEN.
David Ivarsson
David Ivarsson
Application and Process engineer

Wednesday, 16 October // 10-10.30 // Conference Room 2

New developments at inline UV monitoring
The need for process control in the field of UV curing has been growing over the years. Our ICAD® technology is a new development that solves the question of UV process control completely. It also enables printers and manufactures to increase uptime, quality and savings as ICAD® provides of the light source at all times, ensuring it is within the process window.
Thomas Efsen
Thomas Efsen
Managing Director
If you are unable to attend or want to hear more about our presentations, please contact Thomas Efsen or David Ivarsson.

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