calibration department summer closed_EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY

Please note - Calibration Department is closed during Christmas and New Year and from week 3-5!

Calibration Department will be closed during Christmas and New Year and again from week 3-5 all weeks included. Last calibration day is January 8th, 2020. Instruments should arrive no later than January 7th, 2020 to be calibrated before closure.


EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY is the European Centre for calibration of EIT instruments and is certified to calibrate according to EIT standards. EFSEN has a calibration facility at our location in Holte, Denmark and we have been trained by EIT to calibrate and issue certificates according to EIT standards. We normally calibrate instruments every Wednesday and return them the following day, provided that no larger repair is needed. Instruments arrived at EFSEN on Tuesday at the latest, will be calibrated the same week.

Please contact our calibration department at and for any queries and to make sure that calibration department isn’t paused, due to our masters are in the US for calibration.