EFSEN restructures into two business units: ‘ICAD® Technology’ and ‘UV & EB Technology’

Flemming Madsen is promoted to General Manager for EFSEN’s UV & EB business
and Thomas Efsen will focus on further development of the ICAD® Technology as well as overall sales.

In the later years EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY has developed ICAD® Technology – which enables a higher level of process control than current solutions in the market. EFSEN has grown significantly in recent years and now is the time to divide the responsibility into two business units – to maintain our fast and agile response to customer demands in each area.

The UV & EB Technology business unit is the old persistent EFSEN company, known for distributing the UV & EB markets leading technologies from Heraeus, EIT, Excelitas, Vela UV, PCTebi in Scandinavia, the Baltics and Poland.

With almost 7 years of experience in EFSEN, Flemming Madsen is as of November 1st promoted to General Manager for EFSEN’s UV & EB business unit. Flemming’s focus will be expanding our UV & EB activities in the market by a continuous effort to developing the relationship to our customers and suppliers.

The ICAD® business unit will focus on developing applications and technology that includes our inline UV controlled system – called ICAD® – for applications that requires a higher level of process control and documentation. Thomas Efsen will focus on developing our proprietary ICAD® Technology unit as well as overall sales responsible for both units.

We believe that this new organization structure and Flemming’s understanding of EFSEN’s business will continue to develop our DNA in a technology-oriented way with the customer in focus. So, we constantly set the agenda for future technology standards within the radiation technology and providing safer and better end-user products.

Kind regards

Thomas Efsen
Managing Director

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Thomas Efsen
Managing Director

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Flemming Madsen
General Manager, UV & EB Technology

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