EFSEN UV & EB Technology expands with a well known and strong technical design profile

We are pleased to welcome a new member to the team – Zeljko G. Munksbøl as a technical designer and project manager to support our internal technical department and design of our solutions.

Zeljko already has a background in EFSEN some 5 years ago, when he was with EFSEN for 2 years, before he went on to learn more about technical design. Zeljko will be a strong support in developing our ICAD solutions, UVC solutions, UV Furniture Solutions as well as our long lasting UV/EB solutions for our Microwave and LED business.

Zeljko is strong in technical design and very solution oriented, these competencies will enable EFSEN to develop even further into being the preferred supplier for UV.

We are thrilled to have Zeljko back on the team.

Find Zeljkos contact details here

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