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PCT Ebeam & Integration invites you to join a webinar on Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

Learn about the success of ebeam in the decorative surfaces market!

Achieving Success with EB Curing for Décor and Finish Foils

This webinar will be held on January 26 at 6am US Pacific Time, 9am US Eastern Time, 2pm UTC, 2pm Western European Time, 3pm Central European Time. 
During this session you will learn about electron beam (EB) curing technology and how it is being successfully applied in the production of décor and finish foils. Presentations will be made by suppliers of the EB equipment, process lines and coatings. The featured presentation is from an industry leader and long-time user of this technology.

Our speakers for this webinar are from:
Wilhelm Taubert GmbH / DTS Systemoberflächen GmbH
PCT Ebeam and Integration

The event will be held in cooperation with DCC – Urs Laeuppi, ebeam.uvlaeuppi@bluewin.ch, and hosted by Kurt Fischer of Technical Conference Management. Questions can be submitted via the WebinarJam website once the webinar has been started.

Meet EFSEN & PCT Ebeam and Integration 

EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY is representing PCT Ebeam and Integration located in Davenport, lowa. We are responsible for sales and services primarily in the Nordic countries, the Baltics and Poland and specific larger end-users in Europe.

PCT Ebeam and Integration is the technology leader in low energy EB (80-300keV) offering many years of experience and supply proven EB solutions in the Omnia (70-150kV) and Invictus (150-300kV) series.