Handheld UV device for surface disinfection

UV BARx1 is designed for disinfection of hotspot areas for bacteria and virus. The use of UV BARx1 improves the quality of the cleaning, which can provide a safer, cleaner and healthier environment.

Handles, keyboards, copiers, coffee machines, handrails on stairs, etc. are places that many people often touch during the day and can therefore be one of the primary sources of virus and bacterial transmission. In addition to regular cleaning where dirt and dust is removed, the UV BARx1 is designed to disinfect surfaces, and corners and cracks where cleaning, and dispensing is difficult.

With 1 kg of weight, it is easy to pan over surfaces and can be moved around from area to area. The high-power UV-lamp inside enables this fast exposure time, making it ideal as a tool for larger office and minimizing the consumed time on the disinfection process.

Areas for disinfection

Surfaces for disinfection

safety precautions!

UV BARx1 is a powerful UV device in order to enable fast process time to disinfect. The requires extra attention to safety from the operator. UV BARx1 can be used for irradiation on all surfaces of different materials – but must never be used to irradiate skin, humans, animals, or other organic matters.

Included in the package along with UV BARx1 is a set of gloves, a face shield, as well as Safety Instruction and User Manual, and web-link to a safety and user video guide.

Safety equipment for UV Disinfection_EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY


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UV BARx1 PRO - Handheld device for swift surface disinfection

The UV BARx1 PRO is designed specifically for time critical sectors and has significant higher power compared to the similar product, the UV BARx1.


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UV Disinfection on buttons in the elevator_EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY
UV Disinfections on handle_EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY
UV Disinfection on a copy machine and scanner_EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY
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