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Article: Reducing the spread of Corona with reduced social interaction and surface disinfection technology

As SARS CoV-2, commonly named Corona, or Covid-19, spreads across the globe, our governments are challenged to come up with the best way of minimizing the effects of the outbreak. This article will summarize information from some great sources, with the aim to give you a better idea of what is actually happening, but more importantly, what can be done to minimize the risk of getting infected, and help to reduce the spread. Keep in mind, that this is a compilation of data from other sources.

After a brief introduction, this article will consist of two main segments, both of which are about reducing the risk of getting infected and reducing the spread. The first segment will be small scale, how we can reduce the virus load on items in our surroundings to reduce our risk of getting infected. The second segment will look at how we reduce the virus from spread on a larger scale, and what the current status is.

"UVC light can effectively reduce the “bio burden”, disinfecting surfaces from both virus and bacteria to limit our exposure to pathogens on surfaces which we touch regularly, such as mobile phones, keyboards, computer mouses and handheld tools. Reducing the bio burden has even stronger benefits in a healthcare environment, to improve the cleanliness of both personal protective equipment such as face-masks and visors, and for surface and tools utilized in the facilities, such as keyboards, control panels and hand held equipment."
David Ivarsson
David Ivarsson
Application and Process engineer