News_UV Training Course

Successfully completed UV Training Course

Yesterday, we had a fully booked training class in UV/UV-LED Measurement! Thank you to all the participants for a great course. 

Measurement of conventional UV and UV LED equipment is an important issue for process safety and for quality control purposes. But there can be confusion, mistakes and lack of knowledge on this essential topic. The attendees learned how to optimize their UV equipment and why and how UV should be measured with hands-on training and experience in our LAB. They can now master the difference between the technologies.

UV Training Course on March 26 and April 30 is postponed

Due to the rapid development of Corona Virus spread and the announcement of the Danish government on March 11, EFSEN has decided to postponed our UV Training Course on March 26 and April 30. When we know more about the development and its condition, we will resume the course. Stay tuned to our website and LinkedIn page.